Does a tenant who lives in a apartment building have the authority to trespass a person that is not suppose to be on the property?

In most cases, a tenant does not have the legal authority to trespass someone from the property. Trespassing typically falls under the jurisdiction of the property owner or landlord, who has the legal right to determine who is allowed on the premises.

However, tenants do have the right to notify the landlord or property management if they observe someone trespassing on the property. It is then the responsibility of the landlord or property management to take appropriate action, which may include issuing warnings, contacting law enforcement, or taking legal steps to remove the trespasser.

Tenants should familiarize themselves with their lease agreement and any specific rules or policies established by the landlord regarding trespassing and unauthorized access to the property. If there are concerns about trespassers or unauthorized individuals on the premises, tenants should communicate these concerns to the landlord or property management in accordance with the terms of their lease agreement.


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