Here is a list of different mowers used on the golf course and what each mower does

Various types of mowers are used on golf courses to maintain different areas of the course, each serving a specific purpose. Here's a list of common mowers used on golf courses and what each mower is typically used for:

1. Fairway Mower:

    • Purpose: Fairway mowers are designed to cut the grass on the fairways, which are the closely mown areas between the tee boxes and the greens.
    • Features: Fairway mowers usually have a wide cutting width and are equipped with rollers to create striped patterns on the fairways.
    • Precision: They provide a consistent height of cut to ensure a smooth playing surface for golfers.

2. Greens Mower:

    • Purpose: Greens mowers are specifically designed to cut the grass on the putting greens.
    • Features: Greens mowers are lightweight and highly maneuverable, allowing them to navigate the contours of the greens with precision.
    • Precision: They cut the grass to a very low height to maintain the desired putting surface speed and smoothness.

3. Tee Mower:

    • Purpose: Tee mowers are used to cut the grass on the teeing grounds, where golfers start each hole.
    • Features: Tee mowers typically have a wider cutting width compared to greens mowers but are smaller than fairway mowers.
    • Precision: They provide a uniform height of cut on the teeing areas to ensure consistency for golfers.

4. Rough Mower:

    • Purpose: Rough mowers are used to maintain the longer grass areas surrounding the fairways and other playing areas.
    • Features: Rough mowers have adjustable cutting heights and are designed to handle thicker grass and uneven terrain.
    • Function: They help define the playing areas and add challenge to the course by penalizing errant shots that land in the rough.

5. Approach Mower:

    • Purpose: Approach mowers are used to cut the grass on the areas leading up to the greens, known as the approach or fringe.
    • Features: Approach mowers are similar to greens mowers but are slightly larger and may have adjustable cutting heights.
    • Function: They provide a transition between the fairways and the putting greens, ensuring a consistent playing surface for approach shots.

6. Turf Utility Vehicle (Turf Groomer):

    • Purpose: Turf utility vehicles equipped with grooming attachments are used for tasks such as verticutting, dethatching, and grooming the turf.
    • Features: These vehicles may have attachments such as reels, brushes, or blades to perform various turf maintenance tasks.
    • Function: They help improve turf health, manage thatch buildup, and enhance the playability of the course.

7. Topdresser (Spreader):

    • Purpose: Topdressers are used to apply a thin layer of sand or other materials, known as topdressing, to the turf surface.
    • Features: Topdressers have hoppers to hold the topdressing material and spreaders to evenly distribute it over the turf.
    • Function: Topdressing helps smooth the playing surface, improve soil composition, and promote healthy turf growth.

By using a combination of these mowers and equipment, golf course maintenance staff can effectively manage the various areas of the course to provide an enjoyable and challenging playing experience for golfers.

I did my research because I , Mark Errington, applied for a part time job in Feb 2024 for a Greenskeeper with Oswego Lake Country Club in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  I was interviewed by Nolan Wenker, CGCS, Green Superintendent. I did not get the job.

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