List of some common G-code commands used in the Marlin firmware for 3D printers

a more comprehensive list of some common G-code commands used in the Marlin firmware for 3D printers:

  • G0: Rapid positioning to a specified point.
  • G1: Linear movement to a specified point at a specified speed.
  • G2: Clockwise arc movement to a specified point.
  • G3: Counterclockwise arc movement to a specified point.
  • G4: Dwell, or delay, for a specified time.
  • G10: Set or retrieve tool offset.
  • G20: Set units to inches.
  • G21: Set units to millimeters.
  • G28: Home all axes (move to the origin).
  • G29: Auto bed leveling.
  • G30: Single Z probe.
  • G31: Set or retrieve Z probe offset.
  • G32: Bed leveling.
  • G33: Calibrate delta printer.
  • G90: Set absolute positioning mode.
  • G91: Set relative positioning mode.
  • G92: Set current position to specified values.
  • M0: Stop or pause the printer.
  • M1: Sleep or standby mode.
  • M18: Disable all stepper motors.
  • M20: List files on the SD card.
  • M21: Initialize the SD card.
  • M22: Release the SD card.
  • M23: Select file on the SD card.
  • M24: Start/resume SD print.
  • M25: Pause SD print.
  • M26: Set SD position.
  • M27: Report SD print status.
  • M28: Begin write to SD card.
  • M29: End write to SD card.
  • M30: Delete file from SD card.
  • M32: Start SD print from a file with metadata.
  • M42: Control an output pin.
  • M84: Disable motors (for power saving).
  • M104: Set extruder temperature.
  • M106: Fan on.
  • M107: Fan off.
  • M109: Wait for extruder temperature to reach target.
  • M117: Display message on LCD.
  • M118: Send message to serial port.
  • M140: Set bed temperature.
  • M190: Wait for bed temperature to reach target.

Note that this is still not an exhaustive list, and some commands may be specific to certain printers or firmware versions. Always consult the documentation for your particular printer and firmware to learn more about the available commands and their syntax.

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