What is a Stimpmeter?

A Stimpmeter is a device used in golf to measure the speed of a putting green. It consists of a metal or plastic frame with a notch at one end and a graduated scale along its length. The device is typically around 36 inches (91 cm) long and 2.75 inches (7 cm) wide.

To use a Stimpmeter, a golf course superintendent or greenskeeper places a golf ball in the notch at one end and then lifts the other end of the device to a specific angle, usually around 20 degrees. They then release the golf ball, allowing it to roll down the putting green. The distance the ball rolls along the green's surface is measured and recorded. This distance represents the speed or "stimp rating" of the putting green.

Stimp ratings can vary depending on factors such as grass type, moisture levels, and maintenance practices. Golf course staff use the information gathered with a Stimpmeter to ensure that putting greens have consistent speeds, which is important for maintaining the quality and fairness of play on the course.



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