Estimated salary (Occupation) structured data in json

<script type="application/ld+json">
      "@context": "",
      "@type": "Occupation",
      "name": "Software Developer, Applications",
      "mainEntityOfPage": {
        "@type": "WebPage",
        "lastReviewed": "2017-07-23T14:20:00-05:00"
      "description": "Develops information systems by designing, developing, and installing software solutions",
      "estimatedSalary": [
          "@type": "MonetaryAmountDistribution",
          "name": "base",
          "currency": "USD",
          "duration": "P1Y",
          "percentile10": "100000.5",
          "percentile25": "115000",
          "median": "120000.28",
          "percentile75": "130000",
          "percentile90": "150000"
      "occupationLocation": [
          "@type": "City",
          "name": "Mountain View"

In this example, we have an Occupation schema for a Software Developer, and we provide an estimated salary using the estimatedSalary property. The MonetaryAmountDistribution type allows us to specify a range of salaries using percentiles. We provide the currency, duration, and percentiles for the salary range.

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